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Website Revamp

Website Revamp

We've now launched our revamped website at and hope you like the refreshed layout. 

All comments welcome, especially if you come across any bugs we have missed.

The new site is responsive and includes a mobile version. Which means that if you are visiting on a mobile device the site should recognise this and display a version that fits better on your screen. 
We’ve also moved away for the "free shipping" model where delivery costs were essentially included in the product costs. This we found was penalising customers who were buying ones or two of a number of items. We appreciate no one likes paying for delivery, but we hope you appreciate the more honest approach of charging this separately rather than including it in the product price. We have some quite complex formulas built into the site to offer a range of delivery options at the lowest prices we’ve been able to obtain from our suppliers.


As we no longer have to take into account delivery costs in item pricing, we’ve also moved away from the volume pricing model, offering the lowest price if you’re buying 1 or 100.   


Please take a look and let us know what you think.



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Web site is very clear and easy to navigate, prices are excellent too. Thank you
Posted By: Jill Tittley - 12 Jun 2016 9:58

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