Black DVD Stands Back In Stock

Black DVD Stands Back In Stock Due to a number of requests we've re-introduced our single pocket DVD / Book stands in Black in addition to the standard White.  (Click here to go to product)

A straight forward single pocket stand designed to hold 10 DVD's with a slight backward slope but also suitable for books and other items of a similar size. 

With space at a premium in any retail environment it's compact size makes it an idea choice for specials, promotions and to trial new products. 

If this is not quite the right size for you - let us know..........
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Website Revamp

Website Revamp

We've now launched our revamped website at and hope you like the refreshed layout. 

All comments welcome, especially if you come across any bugs we have missed.

The new site is responsive and includes a mobile version. Which means that if you are visiting on a mobile device the site should recognise this and display a version that fits better on your screen. 
We’ve also moved away for the "free shipping" model where delivery costs were essentially included in the product costs. This we found was penalising customers who were buying ones or two of a number of items. We appreciate no one likes paying for delivery, but we hope you appreciate the more honest approach of charging this separately rather than including it in the product price. We have some quite complex formulas built into the site to offer a range of delivery options at the lowest prices we’ve been able to obtain from our suppliers.


As we no longer have to take into account delivery costs in item pricing, we’ve also moved away from the volume pricing model, offering the lowest price if you’re buying 1 or 100.   


Please take a look and let us know what you think.



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Waterfall Display Stand

Take a look at the new greeting card display stand products available on our website.  If you require additional greeting card display space, or are looking to add greeting cards to your product range, this spacious waterfall display stand provides plenty of display tiers and a useful storage drawer for extra stock.

Waterfall Display stand

Also available in this range is a waterfall greeting card display stand with giftwrap display bars. 

Waterfall Display Stand with Giftwrap Bars

Both are offered with a choice of width, trim colour and finish to complement your existing decor.

For all your display stand requirements visit today!

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Change of Address

Display Stands


 is on the move to new premises and from the 22nd February 2013 our new address will be

Unit 29 Ventura Place
Upton Industrial Estate
BH16 5SW

Tele :  01202 798624
Fax :  01202 798587

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Versatile Leaflet Holders

Versatile Leaflet Holders

Leaflet holder display solutions for mixed sized products…

… provide a versatile display option if you have a variety of leaflet or brochure sizes to present.  Achieve an organised and appealing leaflet holder display by selecting the combination of pocket sizes that best meets your individual needs and attracts the attention of prospective clients to your marketing message.

Before you go any further, take a look at the extensive range of multi-purpose leaflet holders and brochure dispensers at 

Whether you require countertop leaflet holders, wall racks or free-standing leaflet display stands, at you will find an excellent choice of quality stands at competitive prices.

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Craft Fair Display Stands

Craft Fair Display Stands

Looking for display stands for your spring or autumn craft fairs?

Look no further than the excellent range of display stands at

You’ll find countertop displays, wall racks and floor spinners suitable for a wide variety of products to help enhance your displays and promote your stock; along with great customer service and competitive pricing.

Come on over to and take a look today!

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