Four Tier Cardboard Display Stand
18 Inch 4 Tier Cardboard Counter Display Stand
Cardboard stand tier profile
18 Inch 4 Tier Cardboard Counter Display Stand
18 Inch 4 Tier Cardboard Counter Display Stand

18 Inch 4 Tier Cardboard Counter Display Stand

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Our four tier cardboard display stand for counter or table top use is a general stand ideal for displaying a wide range of products. With a horizontal base to the tiers and a sturdy construction the stand can accommodate products up to 2" (50mm) thick and up to 18" (457mm) wide.

Typically used to display the following products :
DVD's & Games
Small bottles

The only limitation really are items that are tall, thin and heavy, such as photo-frames taller than 8" (200mm) - being top heavy these would have a tendency to tip the stand over backwards unless it was against a wall.

Each tier is 457mm (18") wide, and 50mm (2") deep.
The rise between tiers is 46mm (1.8"), showing 46mm of the top of products placed in the top three tiers.
The first tier has a front lip of 52mm (2"), hiding 52mm of the bottom of the product, while the other tiers have a lip of 38mm (1.5").

Overall size of the stand is :
Width: 18.3" (466mm)
Height: 10.7" (271mm) without header board
Height: 17.7" (450mm) with header board
Depth: 9" (230mm)

We hold stock in three colours White, Black and Brown. 

We're often asked about branding - this is possible but cost and method vary significantly based on quantity required. Contact us with quantities and requirements and we will quote, or give us a call if you would like advice.

Typically :
Printing header boards is viable from around 10 stands.
Fully printed stands is viable from around 500 stands.

Unless buying a large number of these stands we recommend taking them pre-assembled, but we can supply: 
Bulk Packed : This is flat packed with assembly instructions. As with all flat packed items some people find them easy to assemble others less easy. We strongly suggest you watch the assembly video below before making a purchase and again before starting to assemble. In our experience people who do this usually don't have issues. If you don't feel comfortable or only want a couple of stands why not order pre-assembled and let us do the work.
Individually Boxed : These are still flat packed but each in it's own box, this is typically for wholesalers who are onward shipping to their customers.
Pre-assembled : Stands are delivered ready to go (well almost you will need to pop the header board in the top).

Once the stands are assembled they are designed to stay that way - there are a number of locking tabs in the process and trying to re-flat pack the stand is sure to reduce its life.

The video below shows how to assemble the stand.
A copy of the assembly instructions can be downloaded by clicking here :  C4TXX Assembly Instructions 


The stands are made from standard cardboard sheets which typically contains around 75% of recycled material and the stands can be recycled at end of life making them much more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives.