6x4 postcard dispenser in white
postcard dispenser dimensions
6x4 postcard dispenser in brown cardboard
6x4 postcard dispenser in black cardboard

Cardboard Dispenser for 6x4 Postcards in Portrait Display

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Single pocket cardboard stand for 6x4 postcards in portrait display. The pocket of this stand is 108mm (4.3") wide and holds 50mm (2") thickness of postcards. The height of the pocket at the front is 110mm (4.3") and the back of the pocket is 150mm (5.9") tall.

The postcards are held at a slight angle for good visibility while wings at the back support the stand.

Overall stand size
Width: 158mm (6.2")
Height: 150mm (5.9")
Depth: 110mm (4.3")