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Wall or countertop leaflet dispenser for A5 leaflets - dimensions

Single Pocket Counter / Wall Display Stand for A5 Leaflets

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Single pocket display stand for A5 leaflets, in portrait, 148mm (5.8") wide and 210mm (8.3") tall. This stand can hold leaflets up to 160mm (6.3") wide and up to 30mm (1.2") thickness of leaflets, the exact amount varies with paper quality.

This stand is made from clear, injection moulded plastic for best leaflet visibility and is designed for wall or counter use. An adaptor clip is supplied which will allow the stand to be used on a counter. Holes in the top of the stand enable wall use, wall fixings not included. The stand displays leaflets at a slight angle to keep them upright while on display.

Overall stand size
Height: 181mm (7.1")
Width: 164mm (6.5")
Depth: 35mm (1.4") when used on the wall
Depth: 85mm (3.3") when used on the counter.

The video below gives a 360 degree view of the stand.