6 sided postcard floor stand
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6 Column Floor Spinner for A6 Cards

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6 column floor spinner available in a variety of configurations to present A6 cards in both landscape and portrait format. Included on top of the stand is a clip for your own promotional sign-age, heard board not included, the clip is simply squeezed together to hold your material.

Due to the range of options, these stands are made to order. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.

The stand comes in a range of colours with a black base. We also include five casters for the base.

Landscape sides have 10 pockets and portrait sides have 7 pockets, giving you the oppertunity to display a variety of cards. Portrait pockets are 122mm (4.8") wide and hold a maximum height of 180mm (7"). Landscape pockets are 178mm (7") wide and hold products up to 125mm (4.9") tall. All pockets hold 50mm (2") depth of cards.