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18 Inch 4 Tier Greeting Card Display Stand

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4 tier cardboard stand for greeting cards, designed for use on a counter or table top. Since there are no divisions along each tier, the stand is versatile and can be used for a variety of card sizes and orientations. This stand is available in white, black or brown.

The pocket is 457mm (18") wide, and 50mm (2") deep. The rise between tiers is 50mm (2"), showing 50mm of the top of cards placed in the top three tiers. The first tier has a front lip of 50mm (2"), hiding 50mm of the bottom of the card, while the other tiers have a lip of 38mm (1.5").

This stand can be supplied:
Flat packed with assembly instructions,
Individually flat packed for onward shipment to your customers.
Pre-assembled and ready to use.
(Please choose how you would like your stand supplied in the drop down menu above).

Overall stand size
Width: 464mm (18.3")
Height: 273mm (10.8") without header board
Height: 450mm (17.8") with header board
Depth: 228mm (9")