Cardboard floor stand shown with 7"x5" cards
12 Tier Greeting Card Floor Stand
Cardboard floor stand
side view of a cardboard floor stand
rear view of a cardboard floor stand

12 Tier Greeting Card Floor Stand

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Ideal for exhibition or retail use, this white 12 tier cardboard floor stand has been designed for the display of a large number of designs in a compact space. 

The tiers have a 406mm (16") of usable width and card sizes can be mixed within each tier as there are no dividers.
Each tier has a slight backward slope for optimal card visibility and to help prevent cards tipping forwards.
Each tier will hold a 22mm (0.8") thickness of product, a good compromise, allowing for 12 tiers whilst maintaining a reasonably sized footprint. The number of cards it will hold depends of course on the thickness of each card. 
The rise between tiers is a generous 75mm (2.9"), so if all cards were the same height the top 75mm of each card would be visible.
Each tier is 45mm deep at the front with 115mm support at the back 

Overall size of the stand when assembled is 
450mm (17.7") wide
570mm (22.4") deep
1700mm (66.9") tall (including the header board).

Simple to assemble, there are just three components. A base unit, a set of tiers and a header board. These are relatively simple to fit together and the header board can be left off if required. The video below shows how they connect. 

The three components can be disassembled and flat packed ( with care ) for easy transport and storage.