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Stand configured for 12 DL pockets
Stand configured for 8 A5 pockets
Stand configured for 4 A4 Landscape pockets
Countertop leaflet dispenser for mixed sized leaflets - dimensions

Versatile Clear Plastic Leaflet Display Stand

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Multipurpose 4 tier plastic display stand made from clear injection moulded plastic for high product visibility. A highly versatile stand that can be configured and reconfigured to display a wide range of leaflet sizes as your requirements change. 

Great for dispensing A4, A5, DL (sometimes called 1/3rd A4 or trifold) leaflets and brochures. Stand has four tiers each of which can be sub divided to give a multi bay dispenser displaying a variety of different sized leaflets. 
Supplied with 8 dividers to divide up the tiers, not essential to use but prevent adjacent leaflets mixing together and thus maintain an attractive display. 

Primarily designed for use as a tabletop or counter top display.
The base is 175mm (6.9”) deep but due to the backward slope of the stand, if you intend to use on a shelf then a depth of at least 218mm (8.6”)  would be required plus a height of  450mm (17.7”).
There are some small holes in the base of the stand, if you have concerns about the stand being knocked over or stolen, these allow for it to be fixed to a flat surface.  

Holes with slots in the back do allow for wall mounted and use as a rack.
To do this, put screws in the wall first, then hang the stand on the screws as tightening the screws once the stand is in place risk damaging the plastic.

It displays pamphlets with a gentle backward slope, helping to prevent them tipping forwards and presenting at a good angle to be viewed by a passing customer.
Pocket sides give extra support which helps prevent thinner single page leaflets from sagging.

Removable dividers allow for each tier to be individually configured as :
one A4 Landscape pocket,
or one A4 portrait pocket + one DL portrait pocket,
or two A5 portrait pockets,
or three DL portrait pockets.

A4 landscape pockets are 334mm (13.1") wide
A4 portrait pockets are 222mm (8.7") wide
A5 pockets are 165 (6.5") wide
DL pockets are 107mm (4.2") wide

A5 & DL in landscape display are the same width as A4 in portrait display, so could be dispensed in an A4 portrait pocket, but it would not be ideal as they would sit deep in the pocket. 

Each pocket will hold a 30mm (1.2") thickness of product, that's a good number of leaflets or brochures but impossible to say how many as the thickness of brochures vary considerable depending on the quality.

The rise between tiers is 50mm (2"), showing 50mm of the top of the leaflets placed in the top 3 tiers.

Overall size of stand 340mm wide, 342mm tall and 218mm deep.

Though designed for literature, it's a strong stand and commonly used to display a variety of products including books, frames, DVD's, greeting cards etc.

As with all plastic stands it is brittle, so care is needed if transported around to exhibitions, trade fairs etc.

The video below shows a 360 degree view of the stand.